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There is a reason The Scale Cabinetmaker is referred to as "a reference journal"...

Each issue of The Scale Cabinetmaker is packed with articles designed to teach you the tools and techniques you need to tackle your own projects. While we provide specific projects, their purpose is to teach you new skills and hone skills you may already have. From working with brass to perfecting your lathe techniques; from creating roomboxes to learning advanced joinery to creating the perfect finish.


For example, in TSC (our affectionate abbreviation and nickname) 3:1, you can:

  • Learn how to work with brass from Jim Dorsett. including how to mill, sweatsolder, and etch, while building a c. 1914 Wards pedal car;
  • Learn kitbashing techniques, including modifying framing and addressing room size issues, for dollhouse kits (we are the folks who introduced the term "kitbash" to miniatures);
  • Learn how to build interior and exterior balusters (stairs) from Jim Marcus, while learning how to create marking and gluing jigs you can use for any stairway you are planning to build;
  • Learn how to scroll cut with a jeweler's saw and scroll jig and how to create edge molding with a molding cutter mounted on a Dremel moto-tool or a drill press while building an 1820 Regency halltree;
  • Learn how to graph and and create a rug from a full-sized orignal , while making Barbara Cosgrove's 19th Century Sarouk Rug;
  • Learn how to steam and laminate wood, while building a 1877 Montgomery Ward sled;
  • Build a lamp-mount adjustable work clamp for needlework; and
  • Learn how to make your own scale dowels using a drill gauge from Jim Jedlicka, the TSC tool editor (and retired NASA engineer).

All in one issue and all for only $6.00. Not a bad deal.

You can buy The Scale Cabinetmaker by the issue ($6.00 per issue as a pdf download) or by the year ($24.00 for 4 issues on cd-rom).

If you are looking for a specific project, tool, or technique, check out our TSC index (online or as a free download).

If you would like to know more about the TSC contributors, check out our authors index.

If you are interested in building furniture from a specific period, check out the Cabinetmaker's Guides and the Best of TSC Books. Currenty they are availabe in hardcopy workshop books only, but should be availabe as pdf downloads by the middle of the summer.







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